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Awaiting the Dawn2
The Ritual
The Long Afternoon
The End of the Old Order_edited
The Last Song of Summer



"My work explores paleontology and folk belief. The paintings are inhabited by long extinct animals and supernatural beings which humans used to believe in. The contexts are worlds based on historical landscape paintings where human influence has been removed. My paintings depict landscapes, beings and animals that no longer exist except in the human imagination. In the worlds of my paintings, otherworldly entitles and animals from different eras co-mingle and interact with each other. Often these beings interact at twilight, a liminal time full of possibilities.


"My work has an underlying theme of loss and nostalgia. In these paintings, the creatures are playful, communicating with each other, or in conflict. We have shared this planet with a myriad of diverse and unique animals, and most have become extinct. The prehistoric animals in this work share their universe with supernatural beings from folktales around the world. These folktales and mythical stories are also becoming extinct, along with the cultures that created them. The animals and other creatures, as well as the stories about them, have gained a form of immortality by appearing in my art."

* A term coined to describe my painting style
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